Our Specialized Cancer Rehabilitation Services

Breast Cancer Rehab

We offer specialized treatment protocols for patients both preoperatively, and post-mastectomy, post-lumpectomy, and post reconstructive surgery. Patients may receive their rehabilitation during and/or following chemotherapy and radiation. The best results are achieved with early referral to the cancer rehab program. Your therapists will work with you to address pain, stiffness, thickening of the tissue at scar site, limited movement of the arms, neck and/or shoulders and swelling.

Neuro-Oncology Rehab

This program addresses all cancer diagnosis that involve nerves and the brain by addressing fall prevention, walking and normal daily movement concerns, chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness, pain or tingling sensation in the feet and hands), balance difficulties, dizziness and difficulty with feeling in hands and feet.

Pelvic & Colorectal Cancer Rehab

This program focuses on gynecological, colorectal and prostate oncology. Your therapists will address urinary issues (incontinence, frequency, urgency); gastrointestinal irregularities (constipation, fecal incontinence); osteoporosis and bone health; sexual health; pelvic, abdominal, back and hip pain; difficulty walking, balance and falls management; and lymphedema (swelling) management.

Head and Neck Cancer Rehab

The head and neck program encompasses both the skills of our speech-language pathologists who bring a broad range of services to offer to this population including treatment of: dysphagia (i.e. swallowing difficulties from chemo, radiation, and surgery); facial paralysis; oral-motor deficits (i.e. inability to move tongue, lips, cheeks and jaw); nutrition education; and altered cognitive status or chemo-brain (i.e. cognitive impairments due to radiation, chemo, or placement of the tumor). Other treatments for head and neck cancer patients include the treatment of fibrosis of the head and neck (thickening of the skin at the radiation or surgical site) as well as lymphedema (swelling) management in the head and neck.

Lymphedema (swelling) Management

This program is targeted to start at the first sign of lymphedema or swelling/tightening of the skin. This means the therapists strive to educate patients on early recognition of symptoms so that steps can be taken before patients develop significant lymphedema symptoms. When started early, these therapies provide opportunity for the lymphatic (fluid) system and/or the lymphedema condition to respond more favorably. Symptoms can be significantly reduced if treatment is started early. The cancer rehab therapists work with all oncology-based lymphedema diagnoses.