What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy or chemo, is a type of treatment that kills cancer cells. It is a drug that may be given in a variety of forms such as by pill or intravenous method (IV). Chemo also kills healthy cells, but those cells are often able to repair themselves. Treatment typically includes more than one type of chemotherapy drug.

What is chemotherapy like for neuroendocrine cancer?

Many new options exist and are used routinely to treat neuroendocrine tumors or NETs. What type of chemotherapy drug and when to use it depends on multiple factors and is a question that is best asked about your specific situation. One important part of the treatment is actually not a chemotherapy but a type of gastrointestinal hormone that will have a negative effect on the tumor and may actually also slow down tumor growth. This hormone is called octreotide. It has other forms and close relatives such as sandostatin and lanreotide that may also be used instead of chemo.