Life After Cancer

How do I cope with the long-term side effects from treatment?

If you experience side effects of treatment after you are in remission or cancer free, you are not alone. Depending on the treatment you’ve had, it can be normal for side effects to linger after your cancer treatment ends. These may include emotional and social issues as well. Speak with your doctor about any side effects that are affecting you so that you can get the help you need.

How often should I be monitored?

Once you’ve been treated for endocrine cancer, it is important to have regular exams by your doctor. Your doctor will tell you how often you need to return for follow-up care, but if you notice changes in your health, call your doctor right away.

Where can I find support?

Cancer is both physically and emotionally trying for not only those with the disease but their loved ones as well. Your cancer navigator, local and online support groups, social workers, counselors and clergy can be helpful during your journey.

Will I recover?

Your length of recovery depends on a few important factors:

  • Where your tumor is in your body
  • The size of your tumor
  • If the cancer has spread to other organs
  • If the cancer can be removed by surgery
  • If the cancer has come back