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Right now you're faced with some of the biggest questions of your life: What does my diagnosis mean? What about surgery? What about my family? If you've just been diagnosed with cancer, Infirmary Cancer Care is here to help you find the answers, starting with:

What Happens Next?

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Life After Cancer

Years from now it won't just be the cancer cells that mattered. Gain confidence in remission with your new normal. 

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Connect With Others Affected By Head & Neck Cancer

Whether you or your loved one are high risk, recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment or in survivorship, we provide vital information for each stage. We hope to see you there!
For more information, call 251-435-CARE (2273).

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Determine if genetic testing is right for you and your family. Let our genetic counselor assess your potential cancer risk.

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Support Groups

Connect with others who share your cancer diagnosis for resources, knowledge, and friendship.

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Strengthen muscles, improve range of motion, reduce swelling, regain balance and so much more with our cancer rehab experts.

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