VitalBeam is an advanced radiotherapy system that enables cancer patients to receive advanced treatment without having to travel great distances. VitalBeam’s technology has been designed to treat a wide variety of cancers, including breast, head/neck, lung, prostate, and spinal tumors.

Enhanced Treatment Options

  • Now you can benefit from advanced radiation therapy for cancer closer to home.
  • VitalBeam provides fast, non-invasive, outpatient treatments for a wide range of cancer types.
  • VitalBeam gives your doctor more tools to treat the most challenging cancers, such as pancreas, paraspinal, lung, liver, breast, and prostate.

Peace of Mind

  • Three video monitors let the therapist watch you throughout the entire process from outside the treatment room.
  • VitalBeam runs smoothly and quietly. Music can be played during treatment to relax you and enhance your peace of mind.
  • With VitalBeam’s enhanced communication technology, your radiation therapist can stay in constant voice contact with you, making it feel as if the therapist were right by your side.

Fast, Precise Treatments

  • Automation of the system helps reduce your treatment time. Treatment are typically performed on an outpatient basis, with most sessions taking less than an hour, so patients can resume their daily lives.
  • VitalBeam’s imaging tools enable your doctor and others on your treatment team to precisely pinpoint the tumor they are about to treat, monitor its position during treatment, and make adjustments to your positioning for greater accuracy.
  • When creating its 3-D images, VitalBeam uses an X-ray dosage that is 25% lower than was possible with previous image-guidance technologies.
  • Tumors of the chest and abdomen move each time you breathe. When targeting a tumor in these areas, VitalBeam continuously monitors its movement and delivers radiation only when it is in exactly the right place. With respiratory gating, the treatment beam automatically turns off when the tumor moves outside the target area.
  • Varian’s RapidArc® technology, which is part of the VitalBeam system, can deliver a precisely-sculpted 3-D dose of radiation to the entire tumor very quickly, often in a single 360-degree rotation of the machine around the patient, typically in only a few minutes.

VitalBeam Image Gallery